How to Choose The Best Handbag – The Ultimate Guide


There are pretty brands of women’s bags, and starting with a brand is an excellent place to start. Because considerable women usually keep their eyes on hot styles and designs of handbags, they become more focused on keeping up with these latest fashion trends without considering if the bags will suit them. Handbags are in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Several selection techniques can be implemented in addition to the sense of fashion in choosing the right bag for you.

The Best Handbag Size For You

How to know the minimum size of the handbag you need? After putting all your daily necessities, there should be some spare space for emergencies. Choose the right hag size to fit your lifestyle, from micro to maxi.

How To Match Your Body Shape? Choosing the right bag for your body type can make a huge difference!

Remember, styling is more about body shapes and geometry. Everything you do is to create balance.

If you are petite, the crossbody bag better not exceed your hips on your back; if you have a tall model-like figure, the handbag should be close to your waistline. It is vital to remember this to make your ensemble look more fashionable.

Best handbag size for you

The Best Handbag Shape For You

The bag’s shape will affect your overall proportion and aesthetics, and choosing the right one can be a big plus to your look.

The first rule – choose a bag shape that complements your “body type.”

If you are slender and tall, choose a soft, slouchy, wide silhouette big bag; if you are curvy, then rectangular, trapezoidal bags are your best friend.

Handbag shape

The Best Handbag Design For You

If you already have your own dressing habits, choose a bag that must also fit into your outfit style – if you prefer a casual and relaxed look, then a formal style handbag is not suitable for your daily needs and may only be taken to meetings.

When you choose a bag, imagine using it with different colors to match your outfit, whether it suits you for other occasions, such as shopping, dating, commuting, or hanging out.

6 types of handbag design

The Best Handbag Color For You

It’s pretty difficult not to have a crush on black bags. Black is the most iconic color of many luxury handbags. The bag’s price in the second-hand market is also the best.

Look at these classic bags; all black models leave the most profound impression on you! Like everyone is familiar with Channel Classic Flap Bag, Hermès Birkin, and Kelly, for many people who buy the luxury bag is a milestone.

Usually, when people purchase such super classic models, they often choose black. Even Hermes’ three most popular colors (Etoupe Grey18; Gold37; Noir89), black is one of the most famous year-round. It never goes wrong with any outfit. You don’t have to change your handbag every single day. You can carry a black handbag in any season and occasion, so every girl should have at least one black bag.

6 types of handbag color

If you want more color options, consider the easiest one to match first – metallic, green, smoky, and teal. “Metallic” is the perfect color for all seasons, like black, green is the most neutral and natural color, and “smoky” and “teal” are both timeless colors.

Black, navy, beige, and red are all colors suitable for formal occasions, pink and orange are very picky about your outfits, and white and cream paint demands the bag’s material, quality, and craft.

How to Choose The Materials Of The Handbag

The handbag is an accessory you wear every day, so it’s simple – the material must be “durable.” “Pure leather” is still the most popular and respected choice. Calfskin is solid and stiff, while lambskin is soft and delicate, and whichever leather is used, it will have a unique effect with time.

From the seasonal point of view, summer is full of rain, which is suitable for waterproof materials, such as waxed and pressed calfskin, unique faux leather, waterproof canvas, etc.

From the point of view of wildlife protection, try not to choose crocodile skin, lizard skin, and other wildlife materials restricted by the Washington Treaty. You may also face control when entering and leaving the country in different countries.

6 types of handbag material

How To Improve Your Bag Experience

“Buy the best-made bag you can afford” The bag’s quality is the most critical thing. Buy the best-made bag you can afford so it can be used repeatedly and accompany you to work all day.

“Avoid too many metal parts” Metal parts can make a bag look bling and attract lots of attention, but metal parts are also more prone to oxidation and sometimes can scratch your rings and bracelets.

“Choose a lightweight handbag” You may be wearing the handbag for more than 1-2 hours a day, but a lightweight handbag will always bring you a better mood. A good-looking shoulder bag with a strap can accidentally reach more than 1kg, which means that the bag itself is equivalent to two bottles of mineral water. It is recommended that you choose a load weighing 700-800g.


Now that you’re familiar with some essential tips for choosing the right handbag that looks well with you, you can enjoy shopping in some online handbag stores and local boutiques. But suppose you’re a time-savvy customer who doesn’t have enough time to go to the mall. You can discover some online shopping sites for your convenience and visit their designer handbag section for your more comprehensive selections of different sizes, colors, styles, and shapes of handbags that will make you stand out easily.



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