Try This: 5 Tips to Help Women Find the Best Handbag


There is no doubt that the choice of bag is the finishing touch to an outfit, especially for short petite women. Choosing the right bag style can enhance the sense of fashion and instantly elongate the body’s proportions.

Whether a tall or small girl with a golden body partition ratio, she is the real “winner in life,” with the bag to “raise the waistline,” you can get visually naturally high.

So, what kind of bag helps small girls easily create a high-cut waistline through the match?

How To Choose Bags?

1. Choose Small Bags Rather Than Big Bags

When picking the best handbags for petite women, size plays a significant role in how well they fit shorter people. Short girls should choose a bag proportional to their height.

Minor to medium-sized bags can meet daily needs, so there is no need to choose too large bags. It will play the opposite effect.

The small volume of the bag will not be too big in contrast with our body, and clothing with a good match will allow us to dress to achieve twice the effect with half the effort.

A woman standing in the street with a black small handbag

2. Choose Short Straps Rather Than Long Straps

The length of the shoulder straps of the bag is also critical. Choose short straps instead of long, let them fall on the side of your waist, and can set off your beautiful shoulders from the visual effect of pulling up the proportion of the body.

Even the crossbody bag should choose a slightly shorter style of chain straps because the chain is too long and will elongate the upper body proportion, making the lower half shorter. Excessively long straps make you feel like the entire thing is pulled downward, a minefield for small girls.

As long as the length above the hip is acceptable, the most appropriate size is probably the hip bone.

A woman sitting on chair with a brown short straps shoulder bag

3. Choose Thin Straps. Refuse Wide Straps

Small women tend to have narrow shoulders as well. A slim shoulder strap is ideal for short girls, which will not completely dominate the original small shoulders and can show more shoulder skin.

A woman with a black thin straps handbag in the snow

4. Choose Horizontal Bags Rather Than Vertical Bags

Horizontal handbags are more friendly to short girls. The flat bag will form a ‘cross-shaped’ contrast with our body, visually and naturally lengthening the height. Small unique designer bags attract the eye, so people ignore the height problem.

A woman standing in the street with a black horizontal handbag

5. Choose Simple Design Rather Than Sophisticated Design

Small structured bags are the most suitable for short girls to carry. A small bag can play a role in the division of the body. The bag is an accessory, and it shouldn’t occupy too much focus on the whole.

A woman carrying a black simple design handbag is crossing the street

How To Carry The Bags In Right Way?

How you carry your backpack is also essential. Even if you have the best bag for a small girl, not knowing how to take it won’t do! Knowing that different ways of backpacking will affect the visual effect of height is vital.

A woman standing on a bridge carrying a black shoulder bag

Because you carry the bag on which part of the body, the volume will increase, thus drawing attention to that part. For petite girls, attracting people’s attention to your upper body is always recommended not to look down.

Therefore,different-size bags require different ways to carry:

  • For small shoulder bags, it is wise to carry your handbag on your upper body as much as possible. If you have a crossbody bag, the small suitcase is suitable across the waist because this will let the bag stay at your waistline.
    • The exact height as the waist, instantly waistline raised!
    • If you choose a dress without a waistline, a small pouch can help you emphasize the waistline.
    • A small satchel bag will let you wear the effect doubled if it is a conspicuous waistline clothing.
  • You can use the handheld way for medium-sized bags, which will play a prolonged arm-length effect and look relatively high.
  • For a large-sized bag, you can carry it on the shoulder.

A woman in a brown coat holding a brown handbag

Considering these three aspects, we mainly recommend the most popular 4-bag type, which is very friendly to minor girls. The auxiliary waistline does not press the height of the body.

How To Choose Bag Types?

Shoulder bag

For petite girls, the shoulder bag absolutely must have the name.

Suppose you love to watch 1990s American dramas. In that case, you will be able to remember the popular drama heroines of the year who love to carry this bag, small and fashionable, with short shoulder straps on the body and showing a sense of simplicity.

A woman with a red shoulder bag

With a simple bag type, carrying not only does not look cumbersome but also can improve your overall temperament. It is always lovely as a versatile “fashionable tool,” no matter how to match. A sports sweatshirt or handsome suit can be perfectly fit.

A woman in a handsome grey suit with a shoulder bag

The influencer Jessica Alizzi is soundproof of the status of the underarm bag in the “small sister group.” She is petite, using the shoulder bag to elongate the proportion. Shoulder bags occupy almost half of her bag cabinet.

Clutch Bag

Regarding the status of the clutch bag, it must be the “big sister” role in the bag world. Its characteristic is to make the small girls more powerful. At the same time, it can also play an extension of the arm length effect, also has the effect of auxiliary height increase.

A woman in a black suit holding a brown clutch bag

Star Town Chrome Silver Baguette Bag is shining in texture, and you can’t help but want to embrace it in your arms. The bag to get with the waistline maintains a flush height so that the entire look of the eye-catching point is focused on the upper body range.

The coat and trench coat category are clutch bags, never the wrong “old partner,” so the classic with the overall effect can be simple and dry. More small girls overall look very slender.

Waist Bag

The small bag tied around the waist instantly achieves the golden ratio! Not only to meet the functional needs and free your hands, but the waist bag that is part of the styling can also significantly improve the chicness of the outfit.

A woman in a The North Face jacket with waist bag

In the past few years, major bag brands have begun to make a big deal of the fanny pack. A variety of mini bags at the same time appear in the design of the fanny pack as a highlight element embellished on the waist, instantly feeling the total sense of hierarchy.

Not only can it be used as a belt to trim the waist, but transforming the chest bag back can also be better to shift the focus to the upper body. It is a casual sports style for small girls and can not miss the most in the back method.


When you see the word: backpack, many fashionable girls may mutter in their hearts. Can short girls wear big backpacks? In fact, a duffel bag style with a sleek look and small straps is the secret to a slimmer figure for little girls.

The backpack can visually modify the shoulder shape to create the effect of the right angle shoulder, thus highlighting the slender shoulder and neckline. The slim neck proportion is also the key to high and thin.

A woman carrying an orange backpack

The small shoulder bag is also a favorite of female celebrities on the street. In the winter, wearing a bloated, thin strap shoulder bag to the whole body wear is re-injected playful and energetic.

A backpack for girls who want to show high is very advantageous. Lively and playful simultaneously, the waist and the lower half of the line of demarcation are also outlined clearly.


We hope all these suggestions can help every short petite girl choose the right handbag.



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