How to Store Handbags Properly|Easy Guide


A luxury leather handbag is an excellent accessory for any wardrobe. If you enjoy matching different handbags with various outfits and looks or different occasions, you can quickly get quite a few of them. But since you only can use one handbag at a time you need an area at home to store other bags while they’re not in use. Proper storage is essential for maintaining the condition of your bag.

Today’s article is all about bag storage. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this topic. If you are also confused about how to care for the handbags, we’ve got you covered.

There are a few general storage tips.

How to Store Handbags Properly?

What to Do?

1. Clean Your Handbags Before Storing

Every time using the handbag, the first step is to empty its contents. Give your bag a detailed wipe-down of its interior and exterior. So that debris and stains don’t settle into the material. Just use plain cloth and I find that’s more than adequate to cope with the dust.

Not a big deal it’s just a quick wipe-down anytime I feel like it does get a bit dusty.

You can also use some professional leather foam cleaner if there are any stubborn stains, grease, or grime. Just simply spray the cleaner directly on the desired area. No rinsing is required.

Just wipe away the foam with a dry towel after cleaning. Then you can apply some leather nourishing cream to take good care of our handbags. All these items can be bought on Amazon or at some local grocery stores.

2. Stuff Your Handbags to Keep Its Shape

A large number of handbags aren’t designed to be folded, especially leather bags. To protect your luxury handbags from the creases, wrinkles, and loss of shape that can happen when your purses aren’t in use, you can use clean moistureproof paper towels, old scarves, or any other soft fabric to your liking to keep their shape while they’re being stored in my closet.

Keep in mind that don’t use newspaper to stuff your luxury handbag. The ink probably stains your lining. You can shop for some professional handbag shaper insert pillow sets on Amazon.

The silky surface of each pillow is wonderful for bag interiors. But take care not to overfill it- you want just enough to ensure it doesn’t collapse in on itself.

3. Tuck All The Accessories Away

Take care to individually wrap any accessories or chunky chains and shoulder straps, and tuck them inside the bag. This is because zippers, hardware, and buckles can scratch themselves and other bags.

If you leave luggage tags or chains to hang and lay on the exterior, they are likely to leave an indent on the bag.

4. Store Handbags In Dust Bag Or Pillowcase

We highly recommend that each bag is stored in a soft and breathable dust bag or pillow cover, as they may discolor over time, especially when exposed to prolonged artificial or natural light.

Do remember the dust bag should be large enough so that your handbag doesn’t warp or bend the top handles or crush the sides when it is stored.

  • Lots of designer luxury handbags should come with a dust bag. Keep this bag so that you can store your handbag if needed
  • Keep only one handbag in each dust bag
  • Avoid placing the handbag in a plastic bag or sealed container because the handbag needs to breathe and even a slight amount of moisture will cause mold and mildew
  • Some people store their handbags in the original box. The problem with doing this is a lack of air circulation around the leather bag. This lack of air movement can easily create mold and mildew, too

5. Keep The Bag In a Cool, Dry Environment

Make sure to store it in a cool, dry, and dark area. Most luxury designer bags are made from leather which might fade in the sun over time. And keep in mind that a humid environment can easily create mold and mildew.

I prefer to keep bags in a room that has great air circulation with no access to direct light sources.

Sunglasses and leather handbags on the beach

6. Organize Your Handbags

Place every handbag upright on the shelf. Every luxury handbag should be standing upright. Take care not to hang the handbag. Hanging a designer luxury handbag can destroy the shape of the shoulder strap and the top handles.

7. Do a Three-Month Checkup

Every 3 months you should have a quick checkup of your handbags. You could remove them from the dust covers to inspect for mildew, mold any cracking, or other signs of deterioration.

If you didn’t use dust bags, you should dust each handbag. If leather handbags, you could use a leather conditioner but don’t forget to allow dry before returning to storage.

What Not to Do?

1. Stay Our Handbags From Chemicals

Always take care to stay away from our luxury leather handbags from any products that may contain chemicals, such as alcohol or disinfectant, which will cause the leather bag to various degrees of discoloration and yellowing, peeling, leather corrosion, and other problems.

Since alcohol contains a large number of organic solvents and the leather bag contains a certain amount of protein, alcohol hardens the protein cortex.

2. Stay Our Handbags From Liquid

In everyday use, try to avoid contact with liquid, liquid is the biggest natural enemy of the leather bag, especially the delicate sheepskin bag, once stained with water, it will be absorbed into the epidermis of the bag, and over time it is easy to form dark stains.

If accidentally stained with water, how to do it?

You can follow the below methods:

– firstly, If the bag inhaled clean liquid (such as rain, or pure water), you can use a clean tissue to absorb the surface moisture.

– And then, blow dry alternately with a hair dryer warm air or cold air, the time should not be too long, and the distance should not be too close, to avoid burning the leather.

If inhaling an unclean liquid or special stains, it is recommended to immediately send to a professional care store for treatment.

3. Don’t Hang Handbags In Storage

One of the most popular types to store handbags is hanging on a rack. This way of storage can warp your handbag or misshapen the top handles of the bag over time. It would be highly recommended to place handbags on a shelf or flat surface. Place every bag upright on the shelf.

Three handbags hanging on the shelf

4. Protect Your Handbags From Sunlight

Make sure your handbags don’t directly face the sunlight to preserve the color and avoid cracking.

If they do, make sure they are set back a little. So it’s so significant to pay attention to the direction of sunlight and whether your windows are east, west, etc. facing. In addition when you first order the bag, treat it with a professional leather protector, which can make the bag leather more durable.

5. Leave a Gap Between Each Bag In Storage

Keep in mind that none of your handbags touch each other. Leave a large enough gap between each handbag if you don’t store the bag in the dust cover. The dye from patent leather will transfer to the other handbags if they are touching and the hardware will scratch other bags.

You definitely don’t want to risk leaving discoloration or scratches on your leather bags from cramped storage.

6. Don’t Put Light-colored  And Dark-colored Patent Leather Bags Together

Accidents do happen so make sure you’ve protected your patent leather bag when stored. Light-colored patent leather bags should not be put together with dark-colored patent leather bags. Nothing is 100% effective except keeping light-colored and dark-colored items separate!

Colour transfers are notoriously difficult to remove and we typically suggest that you take it to a professional leather repairer who will remove the color transfer and re-color the affected area back to the original color.


Thanks for reading these tips! Good storage really is everything! We hope it helps you maintain your bags for years to come.

If you have any other great storage tips, feel free to comment!



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