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Star Town top-handle bags feature a timeless and classic design style while meeting your everyday needs. A designer leather handbag with handles can easily transition from day to night and is one of the most versatile accessories for any ensemble. Our collection of designer top-handle bags comes in different sizes, shapes, styles, materials, and a refined color palette. Our designer top-handle bags collection includes shoulder bags, crossbody bags, small bags, purses, flap bags, structured handbags, and satchel bags. 

Need Some Shopping Inspo?

If you're looking for mini handbags, the tiny Star Town double-top handle bag is an ideal choice. This small crossbody bag comes in assorted pastel colors. If you're looking for structured bags and leather shoulder bags that double as small crossbody bags, the Star Town leather handbags with chain is a great option. If you're looking for a simple red top handle bag, the Women's Retro Geometry Circle Handle Bag has a classic design with handles and two interior pockets to help keep things organized. You can style our handle bags and personalize them further by adding pearl chains and silk scarves for the handbag handle for an added elegant effect.

Why Women Love Top-Handle Bags

The top handle bag is the ultimate fashion-forward handbag. At Star Town, we restock a range of the best top-handle bags that are stylish and functional. Top-handle handbags are generally easier to access and organize than other bags, as they have a more structured design and usually have several compartments and pockets for organizing your belongings.

Women love top-handle bags for a variety of reasons.

One reason is that they are versatile and can be worn with various outfits, from casual to formal. Top handle bags are also stylish and chic, adding a touch of fashion to any wardrobe. A small, elegant top-handle bag with a formal dress or suit would be appropriate for a special event or a night out. A larger, more casual top-handle bag with jeans and a t-shirt would suit everyday use or running errands.

In addition, top-handle bags are often more comfortable to carry than other bags, as the top handle allows you to distribute the bag's weight evenly across your hand and arm. Women love this style because it offers another way to carry the handbag. You can take it in your hand or use the long leather cross-body strap to wear on your shoulder or drape across if you want to go hands-free. It's our most versatile bag and a favorite for a good reason! Star Town Bag offers a unique collection of top-handle handbags for a special occasion in a wide range of colors and styles. Shop now!


Are top handle bags in style?

Top handle bags are always a timeless, classic style. They are a versatile and practical choice for casual and formal occasions and can be found in various materials, colors, and sizes. Some popular styles of top-handle bags include ladylike clutches, structured satchels, and oversized totes. Whether you prefer a more traditional or a more modern look, there is likely a top handle bag that will suit your style.

How to choose the right top-handle bag?

There are a few things to consider when selecting the best top-handle bag:

  1. Purpose: Think about why you need the bag. Will you be using it for work, travel, or everyday use? This problem will help narrow down your options and ensure you choose the best handbag that meets your needs.
  2. Size: Consider the size of the bag concerning what you'll be carrying. A larger bag may be more practical for work or travel, while a smaller bag may be more suitable for everyday use.
  3. Material: Consider the material of the bag. Leather is a classic and durable choice, while canvas or synthetic materials may be more budget-friendly.
  4. Brand: If you have a particular brand in mind, consider the reputation of the brand and the style of its bags.
  5. Price: Decide your budget and opt for the handbags within that range. Remember to consider the long-term cost, as a higher quality bag may last longer and be a better value in the long run.
  6. Style: Choose a bag that fits your personal style. Whether you prefer a more classic or trendy look, top-handle bags are available in various styles to suit your taste.
How to carry a top handle bag?

Yes, small top-handle bags can be a stylish and elegant option for an evening out. They can go well with a range of outfits, from formal gowns to more casual jeans and a top. Make sure the handbag is appropriate for the occasion and complements your outfit. If you are wearing a more formal outfit, a small top-handle bag in a luxury material like leather or satin can be a better choice. If you are dressing more casually, a smaller top-handle bag in a fun print or bright color can add some personality to your look.

Can we wear a small top handle bag for the evening?

Tote bags are typically carried by hand, with the handles held in hand or over the shoulder. They can also be worn across the body using double handles or a longer strap. Some tote bags have shorter handles designed to be carried in hand, while others have longer straps worn over the shoulder or across the body. Tote bags can also be worn on the arm, with handles draped over the arm. How you carry a tote bag will depend on your style and the size and shape of the handbag.

Some people prefer to carry their tote bags by hand, while others prefer to wear them over the shoulder or across the body.